Funding Proposal

Funding Proposal

At no cost to you, we can confidentially assist you in identifying the best source of capital based upon your circumstances.  Funding options are available from $500 to $10M+.

The Funding Proposal uses a proprietary process incorporating funding algorithms from nearly one hundred sources of capital. We can conveniently match you to sources of money that you best qualify for.

While this solution was developed for small business owners, it is also available to individuals and families.

Please note, we are NOT a lender.  Instead, we are designated as a "technical advisor" and assist small business owners and individuals in navigating access to SBA loans, conventional loans, lines of credit, business credit, equity-based capital, and many other often overlooked options.


Obtain a free Funding Proposal

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Please take a moment to review the FAQs below to familiarize yourself with this free and valuable resource.

Why is the "Funding Proposal" model needed?

A group of current and former SBA/SBDC Advisors, SCORE Mentors, and business bankers recognized that many small business owners are looking for capital to start or grow a business but don't know what the right source of capital is based upon their mitigating circumstances.

Additionally, if desired, you can have access to a Financial Advisor to serve as your Chief Financial Officer (an important resource that most small business owners don't have access to) assisting you with:

  • Preparing a lender-compliant business plan, financial projections, uses of funds, personal financial statements, etc.
  • Completing loan application(s)
  • Positioning your business for lender compliance
  • Optimizing your personal and business credit profiles, i.e., Dun & Bradstreet
  • If applicable, setting up a business, i.e., forming the business entity, obtaining an EIN, setting up DUNS profile, etc.
  • If needed, maintaining your QuickBooks for tracking revenue and expenses while creating interim financial statements
  • If desired, assistance with attracting equity investors as well as securing debt-based capital raises
  • Serving as an Advisor for financial and strategic business decisions and planning

Is my information confidential?

Absolutely.  It will not be shared with any third party.

Is there a cost?

No, there is no cost to obtain a Funding Proposal.

Are there minimum qualifications?

No, different sources of capital have different underwriting requirements.  For example, some do not even consider personal credit and others don't require verifiable income.

We'll create a Funding Proposal consistent with your unique circumstances.

How long does it take to get funding?

We need you to complete this link and allow us to create a free Funding Proposal for you before that question can be answered as different sources of capital have different time lines.

There are certainly some sources of capital available within 24 to 72 hours while others require more preparation and/or have a longer underwriting turnaround.

What happens after I submit my information?

A Financial Officer will reach out to you within a few days.

All of our Financial Officers have either worked for the SBA/SBDC as a small business advisor or a bank as a commercial lender.  Additionally, they all have passed extensive background checks (criminal and credit) and must hold a MBA or relevant graduate degree from an accredited University.

Where does the capital come from?

The key is to identify the right source and type of capital based upon your circumstances.  With that said, here are some of the most common funding sources that we've assisted clients with:

  • SBA loans 7(a) Express Loans available to start-up businesses with ten years repayment terms up to $150,000
  • SBA 504 loans with even longer repayments terms up to $5M
  • SBA micro loans up to $50,000
  • Investors who provide money that doesn't have to be paid back
  • Loans, lines of credit, and revolving extensions of credit from CitiBank, Wells Fargo, American Express, Capital One, JP Morgan Chase, PenFed, dozens of credit unions, and many other sources of capital


  • The business credit process that I engaged in with the Business Finance Suite has allowed me to establish my company’s corporate credit, expand my business operation, and take my company to the next level.
    Chad Cotton
    Straight Line Funding, Carlsbad CA
  • I believe that Business Finance Suite has opened up possibilities for my business in the future that I could never have imagined, and then every business owner can benefit from Business Finance Suite.
    Cheryl Risner
    Score Restore, Elm Grove LA
  • I was able to get a Paydex rating of 80 from Dun & Bradstreet that allowed me to then access larger revolving lines of credit with Macy’s, Staples and with Amazon. At the end of about six months I had about 10 different trade lines that allowed me to then make application for Visa and MasterCard of $5,000 and $10,000.
    Robert Lefcort
    Great American Credit Repair Company, Boca Raton, FL